The Private Label Program enables you to develop your own branded marketing line using the many core formulas available through Flo-Kem. Our graphics department can help you design a label that will maximize your marketing effort and build stronger brand equity for your company. At Flo-Kem, we’ve adopted state of the art in house printing capabilities in cooperation with Konica Minolta. This allows us to provide you with durable permanent adhesive labels with brilliant image quality. This label process will enable you to provide a packaging presentation that exceeds your competition. 


New Private Label

Here are the steps you need to take to complete a new private label:



Contact Mike Greene, Director of Jan San Sales & Marketing at to inform him of the product(s) you are interested in placing under private label. Mike will discuss the various options for developing the label in accordance with your marketing direction.



Send to us artwork on your company logo, the product name and any specific colors you wish to use on the label.


Lead Time

Lead time for a new private label design, set up and shipment of product is 15 working days. We go through an extensive regulatory review especially for EPA registered and Safer Choice approved products. This provides our customers with the assurance that all labels meet GHS and other mandated standards. All subsequent order lead times are 7-10 working days.


Rough Draft

A rough draft of the label will be sent to you for review and final approval.


Get in Touch

For further information on the private label program, please contact Mike Greene at