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Understanding Odor Control

How Different Odor Control Problems Require Different Solutions.

Some of the most challenging odor problems in commercial facilities today come from restrooms, kitchens and garbage containers.  This is caused by the presence of organic matter to include urine, feces and food odors.  In restrooms, odors come from the fatty acids in feces and the release of sulfur and nitrogen from urine.  In kitchens and around garbage containers, odors come from food waste as it spoils.  Food waste in kitchens can be in the form of food trapped in the pores of the flooring or buildup in floor drains and sinks.  As food waste decomposes, odors are produced from the presence of bacteria and from gases like hydrogen sulfide.  This is similar to the odors created around garbage containers.


It’s important to understand how to provide odor control solutions to each of these situations!  For odor problems in restrooms and kitchens, the most effective approach is using a “live bacteria” enzyme that will breakdown organic matter and in the process eliminate the odors from the source.  Using a good quality “live bacteria” enzyme as a mop on or spray on application will help to eliminate odors in restroom floors, walls and around urinals and toilet bowls.  It will also be very effective on commercial kitchen floors and in floor drains and sink drains. 


On the other hand, if your odor control challenge is a large garbage bin or garbage collection area, you want to use an odor neutralizer built with a quaternary ammonium compound and some light solvents.  This type of product will be very effective on the odors from bacteria and gases produced by the decomposition of food waste.


Finding the “right” solution to an odor control problem starts with understanding the root cause!



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